Shinella Manuel-Palmares, cMLA/T Medical Laboratory & Andrology Technician

(She / Her)

Shinella is a certified Medical Laboratory and Andrology Technician and an experienced phlebotomist. She started her career by working in different departments and laboratories including Andrology. She then got fascinated by how it can be a huge part of identifying treatments for dysfunction, fertility and infertility treatments, diagnosis, researches and the list goes on.

Driven by passion, she then focused her attention to it. Lab tests like Semen Analysis, DNA Fragmentation and Sperm washes for IUI and IVF are some of the tests that she became proficient of over the years. She then expanded her knowledge by training in the blood laboratory for hormones to have a deeper understanding on how bloodwork contributes and impacts each individual’s fertility journey and diagnosis.

Shinella’s primary objective is to deliver the most accurate results in compliance with the laboratory’s standard of operation and WHO (World Health Organization) for the best patient experience and fertility journey.

Why I Chose Fertility Medicine

“Because of the love and passion to have positive impact in patient’s lives even behind the scenes.”

Patient’s success is our success.

Working in the lab makes me realize that fertility journey is indeed a unique time for each individual that is going through it. One could feel powerless, anxious, sad and uncertain.

Delivering the most precise laboratory results is my way to have a profound effect to patients’ lives. Whenever possible, provide a pleasant and less agonizing experience. I love hearing and seeing patient’s success stories. This is my motivation to always strive to provide high accuracy results—behind the microscope, the needle, and doing what I love most in the four corners of the laboratory. I love seeing patients get directed for the betterment of their treatment and knowing that what I love doing most, contributed to their success and impacted their lives in a positive way.