Tatiana Elena Mantescu, RPN Nurse Manager

(She / Her)

Tatiana Elena Mantescu is an accomplished and seasoned nurse beginning her career in 1993 with extensive experience working in ICU and Cardiology until her move to Canada in 2005.

After working to attain her Canadian nursing licence, Tatiana focused her career in the field of fertility.

Following her journey as a fertility nurse since 2007, Tatiana remained at the helm by successfully shaping the culture of and leading a team of nurses within a clinical setting.

Continuing her dream to provide patient oriented and holistic care, Tatiana has been able to serve a significant role in shaping the lives of many patients by working to achieve their dreams in becoming parents.

Passionate about patient experience, inquisitive and motivated, Tatiana strives to push boundaries and contribute to further diversification of ideas among her team by continually stringing for inclusivity and ensuring all patient's alongside team members feel valued.

Why I Chose Fertility Medicine

I strongly believe that I was meant to work as a fertility nurse.

The story goes back to 1995 in Romania where, after participating in a nursing competition at the hospital I was working for, I received two books as a prize. Both were written in English, one was called NCLEX and and the other was called “IVF- the answer to many patients facing infertility “

I did not understand anything at the time. Went home and put the books aside on a shelf until, few months later I started to translate them.

I was so fascinated by the second book and little by little I started to learn that , something that sounded so science fiction to me, was actually real.

About 10 years later I moved to Canada and ended up needing the NCLEX for my licence exam and got my first job as a fertility nurse at one of the biggest fertility centres in Toronto.

Have been working as fertility nurse since 2007 and loved every minute of it. Being able to be there for patients facing infertility, offering them the support they need, is a huge privilege for me. The road of infertility can be like an uphill battle for many patients and I want to be there to offer a hand when they feel lost, to offer a smile when they feel sad, to offer an answer when they don’t know what to do.