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Fertility Counsellors

Mental health support is an important part of the fertility journey. That’s why TRIO works hand-in-hand with fertility counsellors, including registered social workers, clinical psychologists and registered psychotherapists. To book an appointment with them, please contact them directly through the information on their bio page.

Erica Berman, PhD

(She / Her)

Erica obtained a Ph.D. in Exercise Sciences from the University of Toronto in 2005. While working in the research field, Erica’s own experience with miscarriage and infertility led her to become a counsellor to support....

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Dara Roth Edney, MSW, RSW

(She / Her)

Dara has been practicing social work since 2000, and as a Reproductive Counsellor and founder of Informed Fertility, a counselling practice focussed on family building, she works full-time in this area. Together with her...

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Amira Posner, MSW, RSW

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Amira Posner is a Social Worker with a counselling practice geared to helping women, men and couples struggling with infertility. She provides support in dealing with emotional stress associated with infertility...

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Lisa Shatford, PhD, C.Psych

(She / Her)

Lisa began her career in infertility counselling in 1985 during a pre-doctoral clinical psychology internship in one of Canada’s first IVF programs at The London Health Sciences Centre. She then went on to serve as...

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Reina Zatylny, MSW, RSW

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Reina understands many of the concerns that people face as they experience infertility, having gone through fertility issues herself. It’s her personal goal to help her patients stay emotionally healthy as they build ...

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Dr. Julia Sen, PhD

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Dr. Julia Sen is a Registered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist in Ontario with over twenty years of experience compassionately working with adult individuals, couples, and groups on their journey to ...

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Genetic Counsellor

Genetic counseling is an important process that helps people and families learn about genetic conditions, genetic testing, and planning for the future. If you’re thinking about genetic testing or have a family history of a genetic condition, genetic counseling can give you clear information about the risks and benefits of testing, and how the results might affect your health and your family’s health.

Andrea Djolovic is a Canadian Certified Genetic Counsellor and lead genetic counsellor supporting TRIO Mississauga on behalf of the GenomiCare team. Andrea has worked as a clinical genetic counsellor in the fields of fertility, prenatal, pediatrics and cancer genetics.

GenomiCare is a Canadian genetic counselling virtual clinic. We want to give you the time and information you deserve. Whether you’re seeking an answer to a specific question or would
like to know more about what is available to you, book a genetic counselling appointment today.

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BRIA was founded in 2021 by Dr. Ariel Dalfen, Dr. Bev Young, and Emily Kingdom. This founding team is comprised of two MD psychiatrists with a combined 40+ years of expertise in women’s mental health, and one MBA with 10+ years of healthcare business experience. Ariel and Bev are pioneers in virtual healthcare – they have experience in creating accessible and timely services for women across Ontario. With this vast experience, the founding team has assembled an exceptional group of mental health and allied health professionals aiming to build the optimal women’s mental healthcare system.


Embryology Lab

The assisted reproductive technology (ART) lab plays an essential role in supporting your fertility journey. Dr. Mehta is working with TRIO Fertility which has the longest-running on-site IVF lab in Canada with the best embryology team. It’s one of the many ways that we help our patients have the best chances of success in growing their families.

TRIO Fertility has the most experienced team of embryologists in Canada and have more than 15 members working onsite in the lab with several members the team have been doing IVF when it first offered in Canada in the mid 1980s.

Precision of the processes and quality control are all very important aspects of embryology. The egg gets aspirated from the follicular fluid and carefully put it into a sterile dish. It is then gently washed and placed directly into an incubator. Since it has been taken from its natural environment, every measure is taken to decrease any possible stresses on an egg. This is to mimic the uterine environment as much as possible. The incubator is warm and humid, and a nutritive media is used nourish the eggs and embryos.

TRIO’s lab is a one hundred percent time lapse facility. The embryos can be observed without being disturbed or removed from their environment during development. Our technological capabilities — including spindleview, assisted hatching, embryo biopsy, high powered microscope micromanipulation, and more provides the embryologist the ability to work with eggs, sperm and embryos in high definition, providing a maximized quality of care.

TRIO uses the most sophisticated technology to ensure the safety of patient’s identification safely. Each patient has a unique identification number, as well as a bar coding system associated with each patient’s name, unique identification number and a designated barcode. Barcode labels with unique identification numbers are placed on each dish or tube that comes into contact with eggs, sperm and embryos. The bar codes are then verified before each procedure by scanning them to ensure accuracy. All eggs, sperm and embryos are accounted for 100 percent of the time.

TRIO’s lab has a sophisticated and dedicated air handling system that ensures an optimal environment for th eggs, and embryos. The HEPA filtration deliver surgical grade air quality and 45 air changes per hour, filtering out VOC’s (volatile organic compounds such as chemicals, fumes, toxins), and other particles, including viruses and bacteria.

In addition to their extensive education and experience, TRIO’s embryologists have achieved certification through the CFAS. TRIO’s lab director was on the committee that developed this certification, which is focused on specific lab competency objectives for embryologists in Canadian labs.

All of the equipment in our lab is kept at precisely 37 degrees centigrade, or body temperature – optimal for eggs and embryos.


Expanded Genetic Screening

IGENOMIX is a medical testing laboratory specializing in reproductive genetic services. They offer innovative tests to help reproductive health professionals provide their patients with robust, high-quality solutions at the preconception, preimplantation and prenatal phases of their reproductive journey.

It is important to consider the Carrier Genetic Test (CGT) when starting to plan for a family. This helps determine the risk of having a child with a genetic disease as anyone can unknowingly carry one or more mutations. The CGT test shows which genes have mutations in each person. Carriers are usually healthy however when two parents, or an intended parent using donor sperm or donor egg carry a mutation in the same gene, they might have an affected child. This reduces this possibility by doing a simple blood test.

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Future Fertilty

Future Fertility developed an AI powered software, that offers non-invasive tools for fertility experts and patients that provide a prediction of blastocyst outcomes and evaluates and scores oocyte quality.

For Oocyte Cryopreservation

Provides an objective and individualized predication of the likelihood of blastocyst development to help guide cycles

Evaluates and scores oocyte quality to help inform decision making, assess cycle outcomes, and plan for future cycles.

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OHIP Funding for Fertility Patients

In 2015, the Ontario government launched the Ontario Fertility Program to provide funding to help eligible patients build their families. Access to funded fertility services is available for all forms of infertility (including medical and non-medical infertility), regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or family status.

Every single patient will have a different fertility journey. This also means that when the program says it will cover one full IVF cycle, the services that make up that cycle will vary from person to person. Your TRIO physician will determine an appropriate treatment plan for you.

  • Fertility Preservation: The freezing of eggs or sperm before a medical procedure that will negatively impact fertility, such as
    chemotherapy or gender reaffirming surgery. Fertility preservation is eligible for funding for those who qualify once per lifetime.
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): A procedure in which sperm is injected directly into the uterus via a catheter. This treatment is eligible for funding for those who qualify with no set limit for the number of tries.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): Eggs are retrieved and fertilized with sperm outside of the body. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus. This treatment is eligible for funding for those who qualify once per lifetime.
Every patient will have a different fertility journey. Some benefit from intrauterine insemination (IUI), while others need in vitro fertilization (IVF). This also means that when the program says it will cover one full IVF cycle, the services that make up that cycle will vary from person to person. Your TRIO physician and medical team will determine an appropriate treatment plan for you and review any questions you may have.

Fertility treatments may qualify as deductible medical expenses on your income tax return. This tax credit can help individuals reduce the impact of medical costs for themselves or their dependants. In all cases, please check with your personal accountant for further details and to confirm eligibility.

Allowable fertility medical expenses on your income tax may include:

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Select fertility medications
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Embryo Freezing
  • Embryology Lab Fee
  • Sperm Processing & Extraction
  • Satellite Monitoring
  • Transfer of Frozen Embryo
  • Note: Sperm bank donations are excluded



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Male Infertility

To read about optimizing male fertility potential and male infertility information from male infertility experts, please click here.