Choosing TRIO for 2SLGBTQIA+ Family Building

TRIO Mississauga is proud to help gender- and sexually-diverse individuals and couples grow their families. Everyone’s journey is unique; that’s why all of our staff at TRIO Mississauga have received specialized training to support the specific family-building needs of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Our nurses help every patient understand their family-building options and rights, and helps them navigate their way through the process.


2SLGBTQIA+ Patients Requiring Sperm Donation

Aspiring 2SLGBTQIA+ parents can build their families with sperm donation.

IUI is recommended for patients who have eggs and a uterus and will be using donor sperm to achieve a pregnancy. With this treatment, donor sperm is inserted into a uterus to fertilize an egg and create a pregnancy.

IVF is a treatment where an egg from one partner is fertilized with donor sperm to create an embryo. That embryo is allowed to develop in the TRIO lab for approximately 5 days until it reaches a stage known as a “blastocyst.” The blastocyst is then implanted into the uterus of one partner to create a pregnancy.

Reciprocal IVF is a popular option for couples who were both born with eggs and a uterus; it allows both partners to contribute to the creation of the pregnancy. In this option, one partner provides the eggs to be fertilized, while the other is then implanted with the embryo to carry the pregnancy.


2SLGBTQIA+ Patients Requiring Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Future 2SLGBTQIA+ parents can build their families through egg donation and surrogacy.

An egg donor provides eggs that will be fertilized with sperm provided by the patient(s). This creates an embryo, which develops for a few days in TRIO’s lab. That embryo is then transferred into the gestational carrier to carry the pregnancy to term.

TRIO offers three egg donation programs. Depending on the needs and preferences, our third-party coordinator helps growing families choose the best pathway.

Once the embryos are created in TRIO’s lab, one embryo will be transferred to the gestational carrier to carry a pregnancy. TRIO’s third-party coordinator will help aspiring parents understand the gestational carrier process and connect them with the right agencies and support.


Fertility Services for Transgender People

TRIO provides a variety of fertility services for transgender intended parents and for those seeking to preserve their fertility. Our TRIO Fertility Mississauga specialists and third-party coordinator help patients understand their options and treatment plan that fits their unique needs.