IUI Fertility Treatment

IUI is a fertility treatment that is intended to help aspiring parents become pregnant. It is combined with cycle monitoring and may include medication. This treatment is used to improve clinical outcomes by specially preparing — or “washing” — a sperm sample. That sample is then placed into the uterus at the optimal time for conception.


Who is IUI for?

IUI may be recommended for patients in the following situations:

  • If suggested by your medical team after review of your fertility investigation results
  • Those who are using donor sperm and is a single parent by choice or LGBTQIA2S+ family building
  • When there are sperm issues, including low count, motility, or morphology
  • Those with erectile and/or ejaculation issues
  • Those who have PCOS or other ovulation challenges


The IUI Treatment Process

After your initial fertility assessment and diagnostic testing, you’ll begin the cycle monitoring process.

You will be required to come to the clinic for several transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests throughout your cycle. These ultrasounds help track the growth of follicles and the thickening of the uterine lining. The bloodwork monitors your hormonal levels leading to ovulation and gives vital information about your cycle. Both ultrasound and bloodwork will help determine the best timing for insemination.

A sudden rise in LH (luteinizing hormone) level occurs just prior to ovulation and helps determine the right timing for your IUI procedure. Either ovulation occurs naturally or your nurse may tell you based on ultrasound and bloodwork when to take your “trigger medication” to time ovulation.

Your nurse will tell you when to come back to the clinic for your IUI procedure. This will be approximately 12 hours after you ovulate. If you are using your partner’s sperm, please produce a fresh sample at the clinic. If you are using donor sperm, please make sure to have the sample at TRIO Fertility (Downtown) Lab before your procedure and we will ensure the sample is ready for your insemination.

The sperm sample will go to our lab to be “washed,” removing impurities and isolating the most potent, highest quality sperm to be placed directly into your uterus. Sperm washing creates a higher probability of fertilization.

The IUI procedure itself only takes a few minutes and is performed in one of the exam rooms at our clinic. For most patients, the procedure is painless, and sedation is not required. The doctor will insert a speculum into the vagina and guide a very thin catheter containing the washed sperm through the cervix to place the sperm into the uterus. This brings the sperm and the eggs closer together thereby increasing the chances of conception.

Approximately 14 days after your IUI, you will come back to TRIO Mississauga for a beta hCG test to determine if you are pregnant. This test measures the level of hCG hormone in your blood and can detect pregnancy at a very early stage. If the test confirms that you are pregnant, you will continue as a TRIO Mississauga patient until a fetal heartbeat is detected on an ultrasound. A fetal heartbeat usually means you and your baby are well on your way, and at this point, we will refer you back to the referring or your family physician who can manage your care.