We are proud to be working with Conceive Health, providing options for preconception care, fertility support and acupuncture to all of our patients.

Quality eggs and sperm, a healthy body, and balanced hormones can improve your fertility treatment outcomes and naturopaths who specialize in preconception care can help you prepare for fertility treatment.

Conceive Health is located onsite at Dr. Chaula Mehta’s TRIO Fertility Mississauga location. This allows both specialists to work together to improve your chances of conceiving and maintaining your pregnancy.

For more information about treatment options with Conceive Health, please visit their website or speak to one of staff to help you navigate your needs.

the team

Meet the Conceive Health team

Dr. Tracy Malone, Naturopathic Doctor  Conceive Health Co-Founder & Medical Director

(She / Her)

Dr. Tracy Malone combines holistic, preventative, and natural medicine with traditional western treatment approaches to fertility challenges. She looks beyond the symptoms to the root causes of issues to help patients get their bodies in the best... 

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Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald, Naturopathic Doctor Conceive Health Co-Founder & Clinical Director

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Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald focuses on combining conventional and naturopathic medicine to support optimal fertility. She addresses the physical, physiological, and environmental factors that impact fertility or may play a role in fertility challenges...

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